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An iPhone App to help with your extra dialing needs.

* See note below

Access codes @
your finger tips!

No need to write down needed access codes.

Conveniently posted just above the keypad.

Phone system won’t accept automated numbers?

Easily type and save to background image!

Snap and save to the “Camera Roll”

Formatted to display above the keypad

Just assign to the contact where the numbers are needed!

Great selection of backgrounds

Step 1
Select a background (just flick your finger to left or right)

Step 2
Type or paste your access information & press Done to hide keyboard

Step 3
Press the Snap/Camera button & it is saved to the Camera Roll!

Step 4
Go to the Camera Roll and assign to your contact. Now
you have the info you need!

This App was made because some phone systems don’t allow automated entry of access codes for security reasons. If you have multiple conference calls to make or just need to jot done some text associated with a number, this will help. No need to write information on a sticky note (easily lost) or in a separate location. Easy to use and pre-formatted to display correctly just above the keypad.

Video example

Questions or need help? e-mail me at or use the blog post below and I would be happy to assist.

Note: This App was written for an iPhone 3Gs and works on an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0 or older. It will function on the newer phones and newer iOS operating systems but you will have to adjust the image upward when setting. This is due to a deprecation of certain code in iOS. Some pictures appear upside down and backward. I am rewriting the program. Feel free to contact me with any questions.