Welcome to my “Just the Thought of It – Nuts & Bolts” blog.

Here I occasionally will jot down a note or two on anything. I might put a note about some code that beat me up so someone else can benefit from the solution I found. I have a found a lot of help on the web by people all over (even half a world away!).

Maybe a comment or two on the auto industry (still have a passion for automobiles).

I am married to a fantastic wife (28 years this August), have two wonderful young ladies for daughters and love life! We also have a great dog(Pembroke Corgi). I love all kinds of sports and have lots of hobbies.

I have been a Service Manager for Bickford Motors since 1998 and really enjoy my job and working for the Bickford family.

Please enjoy your visit and feel free to ask questions or make comments.

Kevin Jamison

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