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Serving in the Congress of the United States of America

Our founding fathers envisioned citizen legislators. The belief was that you would serve and then go back to the life you had. This was so we would have a representation of all people from all walks of life.

We have gotten away from that and I believe because of this we have lost touch with what the design of Congress was.

I strongly believe that serving our country in Congress should be limited to a certain length of time. Serve your term and then go back to what you do. We will reduce the influence of special interests and we will have a better balance of power.

The majority of Congress (not all) have lost touch with reality. If this was not the case, they would feel privileged to serve and accept the very benefits they have voted for or imposed on us. Following is a guideline that would eliminate much of the bloat and waste that we now have in all of our Government.

1. Term limits.

12 years maximum served in Congress. Possible combinations are as follows:

  • A. Two Six-year Senate terms
  • B. Six Two-year House terms
  • C. One Six-year Senate term and three Two-Year House terms
  • 2. No tenure and no special retirement of pension.

    A congressman will collect only a specific (all congressman shall have the same pay) salary during their term. Afterwards, when they are out of office, no compensation or retirement other than that of any other United States Citizen shall be granted or received by the government.

    3. Congress ( any and all members and staff, past, present and future) shall participate in Social Security.

    Any and all funds for Congress retirement shall be moved to Social Security immediately. Congress should participate just as any other United State Citizen.

    4. Congress will not be allowed to vote themselves a pay increase. Congressional pay should be adjusted by the CPI.

    5. Congressional Health Care should be the same health care as the rest of the United States citizens have. They may have the option to purchase additional coverage if they should so choose.

    6. Congress must equally abide by all laws.

    7. Any and all current agreements shall terminate at the end of the Congressman’s current term. All benefits and health care will be the same as the current benefits and health care available to all legal United State Citizens.


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