Aghh! No signal!
How often have you been in the middle of civilization and yet you can’t make a call? There is a local store we shop at and for some reason there is NO cell signal inside. It doesn’t matter who’s carrier you are on. But, the store like many, has complimentary wifi while you are shopping!
So, here is a free work around for the lack of coverage!

If you have an iPhone (of course this will work on the iPod Touch and iPad as well) just head over to iTunes and download the free Magic Jack app. You can make free calls (outbound) and if you sign up you can even receive calls.

Once loaded, start the app and select the option you want (so far I use the free one, but know folks that have signed up and love it and use it as their primary number at home as well.)

While I would of course prefer cell coverage, this is a great work around!

Note to Droid users, there is an app for you too. It isn’t by Magic Jack, but if you have an account with them you can follow this link to an app that lets you use the account.