Here is a problem I have seen on Windows machines over the years. The scroll wheel on the mouse will quit working and it is usually with just one of the browsers and most often this happens just after an update. Often, you can plug another mouse in an it works. Weird.

After a recent Safari update, the Microsoft Mouse wouldn’t work in Safari (only) but the Ford GT Mouse (a gift from a friend that has a real GT) would. I have seen people over the years pull their hair out (me too) trying to figure this out. They un-install and re-install and still have the problem. I have tried different drivers and that sometimes fixes the concern. Here is a little tip that seems to always work.

Bring up the properties dialog for the mouse. In this case it is a Microsoft Wireless Mouse.

Click on the “Identify programs that don’t scroll corrrectly”. Another sub-dialog box will open.

In this case it was Safari that wouldn’t scroll. Click the Add… button and select the program that is causing the problem. Click Apply or OK and thats it. All better!