Ever had your iPhone put in some VERY embarrassing text via auto-correction only to discover it after you have sent it?
Well, I have! Epic Fail! And, since I use my phone for business and personal use, it is very important not to send a text to someone that can be misconstrued due to the Auto-Correction feature. So, follow the steps below if you want or need to turn this feature off. Also, if you like to
laugh, visit “DAMN YOU, AUTO CORRECT!” and you will see why more people need to turn off the Auto-Correct feature!

The left image is with Auto-Correction on. The right image, off.

Select Settings>General>Keyboard

Now you will see Auto-Correction turned “ON”. Slide the button to “OFF”.

Now when you type there won’t be any Auto-Correction. But to check a word, just press and hold for a moment and you will have the option to Select, Select All or Paste. Pick the Select option and now you will see the options of Cut, Copy, Paste or Replace. If you select Replace you will be using the dictionary for spell check.

If the word you want is there, just select it. Of course, you can just type the word.