(I did not take this picture)

Well, I have no idea where the time goes! The summer has flown by. I have shot a ton of video and have learned a lot about flying different quadcopters, rules and regulations (or assumed rules and regulations), editing etc. I have found that uploading videos is a bit challenging at best. I will give some examples shortly (I hope) on what works best depending on the medium you choose such as Facebook, YouTube or simply sending to others.
Here is my YouTube channel if you want to take a peek. Make sure to select (pick the little gear) the highest rate possible for best quality video.

This weekend I went to the Sprint Boat races at Extreme Sports Park in Port Angeles and had an awesome time. These folks really know how to put on an event! I had permission to fly from the owner and talked to the nearby airport manager and FBO office letting them know I would be filming and photographing. The property shows that it is outside the NO FLY ZONE and I was going to be below the tree tops and cranes (used by MATV). Unfortunately, the firmware in the UAV thought it was inside the NO FLY ZONE. Sigh.

Here is a link (shot with my iPhone) to a great run by Dan Morrison in his #10 Wicked boat. Lots of fun!