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Lately I have been having a blast with a couple of different drones from DJI ! One is the Phantom 2 Vision + and the other is the Inspire 1. Both of these machines bring an amazing way to take video and pictures! These are NOT toys. They are a lot of fun though!
I will be posting tips on things to do and not do. DO read as much as possible before you fly it. It will fly very easy but you can get into trouble very quickly. Damage, injury and loss of your drone can happen in quick order! I have talked to two people this week that lost $3,700 worth of drone (Inspire 1) and another that crashed theirs. Ouch.

Tip number 1
Put your name and phone number on the drone before you do anything! You might even consider putting “Reward if found” along with you phone number. Most people will call you if found.

Tip number 2
Read all paperwork (including manual) before you fly it. If you have a friend that has one or the place you bought it is willing, get some instruction. While these have GPS guided flight (by default and if signal acquired) you can get into trouble fast!

Tip number 3

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This may sound funny, but the very first difficulty was getting the battery out of both drones! Here is a super easy fix with NO modifications. On the battery (see where my finger tip is pointing) lube this tiny little groove with a small amount of Vaseline. It is unbelievable how easy the battery (that was stubborn on removal) now comes out! This is true on both models of drone.

Have fun! Be safe. If you’d like, I posted a few videos on YouTube. Take a peek and make sure to select HD!

I’ll be posting more soon!


Here are a couple apps(“PDF Expert” and “To PDF”) that will make your life much easier with your mobile devices. I am telling you about both because some of the functions overlap.

I often want to save a web page as a PDF. Or, I need to sign a paper (but I’m away from my office) and I have it via e-mail.

So, say you need to sign a paper and you are away from a scanner. You can open it in PDF Expert and sign the form and send back! Or, you have a web page you want to save along with some other documents. Just load up To PDF! Some of these options are available in each app, but I have found that they work well together. You can save any of the documents in iBooks!

I think you will find both of them very helpful!

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