283 Miles Per Hour!


On October 16, Johnny Bohmer, owner of Performance Power Racing, strapped himself into the driver’s seat of his 1,700+ horsepower Ford GT, and then from a standing start, piloted it towards the end of NASA’s Shuttle Landing Facility runway.

The 15,000 foot runway, located on Merritt Island in Florida, gave Mr. Bohmer plenty of shut-down area after setting the new standing mile speed record. With the officials from the Guinness World Records on hand, Bohmer drove his Ford GT into the history books, achieving a standing mile speed of 283.232 miles per hour.

To read more by Kurt Ernst on the record: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2012/10/29/performance-power-racing-ford-gt-sets-283-mph-standing-mile-record/#ixzz2E6syfDBs

Original –
Performance Power Racing has broken and set a new record for the standing mile world record. A 2005 Ford GT driven by Johnny Bohmer set the record at 252.97 MPH !

This GT has 1,400 horsepower at the rear wheels. This modified engine uses twin turbos and has a very difficult time keeping the wheels from spinning.