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Have you tried to take a panorama picture with your iPhone? It is easy! There are some great Apps for that. One of the easiest is made by Microsoft. Yep. For the iPhone. By Microsoft. The name of it is Photosynth.

But, there are a bazillion in the app store. If you have an iPhone 4s with iOS 6.0 or and iPhone 5, then you have to play around with the built in Panorama option! It allows users to take 240-degree panoramic photos using the native iOS Camera app.

First, bring up the Camera App. At the top of the screen you will see a button called Panorama. It is the last button of the option buttons. Press it. Now you will see a screen/image just like the ones above.

You will see some instructions on the screen. From here, it’s easy. Move your phone in a slow, steady motion from left to right, making sure the arrow stays centered on the line. If you begin to move too fast or go too far off center you’ll see a message on the screen telling you how to correct it.
The key here is to go slow. In my shots, even if I was going slow enough to avoid prompting the “Slow Down” warning from my phone, the photo often came out blurry. The slower I moved, the better the end product looked — so take your time.

If you go the opposite direction(default is left to right), the picture will snap and save to the camera roll. If you want to go left to right, just tap the arrow and it will change direction. Also, remember, you can still adjust the brightness by tapping the screen in different areas. When you have finished moving in the direction you want, press the done button and then take a look at what you took. This is a lot of fun!

With a little thought ahead of time, figure out the picture you are going to shoot. Now, Have a person move from area to area and hold perfectly still as the camera is rolling.

Pretty cool!

Can You Hear Me Now Too?

A while back I posted a situation I had with my iPhone 4 when using the speakerphone function. I had discovered I was talking to the wrong part of the phone! If you have an iPhone 4/4s, read this.
Well, when I got my iPhone 5 I understood it has 3 microphones! So, where is the best spot to direct the voice when using the speakerphone function?

It turns out that just about anywhere seems to work well. Front, top or back. Take a look at the circles in the above picture. The main mic is on the bottom and it is used with most functions (the iPhone 4/iPhone 4s used the small one at the top next to the headphone jack when using the speakerphone function). There is also a mic on the back of the iPhone between the flash and the camera and it helps with recordings of video. There is also a mic under the earpiece screen used for noise cancellation. So, I gave it a real world test by calling others and just asking them, what sentence sounded clearer? And all of them replied that the clearest was the sentence when I directed my voice towards the bottom. And, unlike the iPhone 4, they all claimed that any of the locations that I talked towards, were easily understood.

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