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Race on Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby: A Life Well Lived

Carroll Hall Shelby, a man whose vision for performance transformed the automobile industry, has died at age 89, his company, Carroll Shelby International, said today. Mr. Shelby passed yesterday at Baylor Hospital in Dallas.

Born on January 11, 1923, in East Texas, Shelby is considered one of the truly great American success stories of the 20th century. Race car driver, WWII “Flying Sergeant”, philanthropist, automotive entrepreneur and racing team owner, he came to embody the ingenuity, tenacity and grit needed to win during his 60+ year career.

Mr. Shelby, we will miss you!

iPhone back glass replacement

Somehow I scratched the outside of the lens on my iPhone 4. Just the camera lens. I have no idea how I did that since I never put anything in the same pocket as my phone. Never.

I was amazed that it didn’t seem to affect the image quality unless the light hit it at just the right (or wrong) angle. I have watched another person replace the front glass (big job) and knew that the back comes off really easy. So, I went on line and ordered one up. There are literally dozens and dozens of different backs you can customize you phone with. Keep in mind that if the phone is under warranty, Apple says it won’t be if you take the back off. Hmm…

Anyway, here is what you do. At the bottom off the phone, remove the two very tiny screws. There are two types. Phillips #00 Screw(mine has this)and 5-Point Pentalobe screw(torx type with a center post).

Remove these carefully (very small and easy to lose). Now, slide the back upwards and then lift off.

Now, just do reverse to install the new back cover. Do not over tighten the screws as they strip very easily I am told.

Below are some examples of the many different types available. As always, have fun!

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