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The New iPad

Did you get the new iPad? Are you going to?
Have you asked yourself if you are going to transfer all your “Stuff” or start new?
I have had all three models and have done it each way. I have helped people with both approaches. Here is what you do if you want to transfer your “Stuff” from one iPad to the another iPad.

There are two ways to transfer everything from your iPad 2 to the new iPad(or iPad to iPad2, etc.). If you’re an iCloud user and want to do it via iCloud, the first step is to back up your iPad 2. Go to Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup and choose Back Up Now. When you go through Setup Assistant on the new iPad, choose Restore from iCloud Backup. After the new iPad restarts, all your settings, apps, and content will appear. *
You can also backup and restore with iTunes. This is the method that I did this time, so I have included some screen caps.

(Click on image for larger size)

Plug your iPad 2 into the computer and open iTunes. It may sync automatically (depending on you settings) — click Sync if it doesn’t.

(Click on image for larger size)

After the sync is complete, unplug the iPad 2 and plug in your new iPad. You will see an image similar to the one above. Click the continue button.

(Click on image for larger size)

Choose the Restore from Backup option (if you were to start new or clean as some say, you would select the “Set up as new iPad”).

(Click on image for larger size)

All your settings and content will be restored. When it is finished it will have everything your other iPad had.

(Click on image for larger size)

(Click on image for larger size)

Now, just put in your iTunes account information and register it.
At this point you may want to rename it since it will have the name of the machine you used the restore data from. *
* Also, you will have to go to settings and put in your passwords for iCloud and your mail accounts. You will also have to re-join your networks.
There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

Can You Hear Me Now?

Have you used your iPhone without a headset and had people say, “What? I can’t hear you!” while using the speaker option? Or while using FaceTime?

You can hear them just fine, but they can’t hear you. Are you talking into the bottom of the phone? That is where most people talk into their phone, even while in the speaker phone mode.

Guess what? It is at the top of the phone! Apple turns off noise cancellation and uses the top microphone to maintain a maximum distance between the bottom speaker (that is the one used for the speaker phone function) and the voice input at the top of the iPhone (to minimize feedback).

(finger points to microphone. It is the tiny hole next to the headphone jack.)

Remember, there are two speakers and two microphones. Top speaker (for your ear) uses the bottom microphone (closest to mouth when talking normally) and top microphone for speaker phone option uses the bottom speaker.

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