That is a question I get asked a ton when people are sending or replying to e-mail on their iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch! Well, it got a bit easier in iOS 5 and there are a couple of other tricks as well.

iOS 5 has greatly improved email text formatting and now permits the user to apply bold, italics and underlining to messages.

As with many things touch screen oriented, use the tap and hold technique on a word or text to show selection options. Immediately after selecting the text for formatting, tap the ā–¶ (right triangle) button in the floating menu to see more options. A button with the caption of ā€œB I Uā€ will be visible. Tap this button and three formatting buttons ā€“ Bold, Italics, and Underline will be available for use.

Tapping one of these buttons will immediately change the style of the selected text to match. Check out the screenshots below to see a step-by-step walkthrough of this in action. Tapping the image will show a full size image.

Select the text you want to modify and then tap the right triangle.

At this point you can change the format. You can also change the quote level at this time (moves the text to the right).

If you change the quote level, you will see a blue line (or lines if you increase more than once) added on the far left.

Okay, one more trick. Since you can’t change the size or color while in the e-mail, here is a work around for that. Send yourself (or have someone send you) an e-mail with different size text and different size text of different colors. Now press the forward (bent left arrow) button and the formatting stays put and you can add on. Not very eloquent, but it works. Try it!