One of the things I have wanted for quite some time is a battery pack built into a phone case/cover. I have tried several and have been disappointed. They are usually too bulky or don’t work well.

Being that I always load the latest beta iOS on my devices when available, the battery life will sometimes be diminished until the final release (that’s why it’s beta software).
Well, I found the perfect case! A company called mophie makes a large selection of battery cases and I have found one that works well, looks great and adds very little weight.

The one I ended up with is the juice pack airâ„¢. I picked the one that has the open top. The thing I like the best is the battery has small switch on it so you can leave it off (the iPhone uses a small amount of voltage while charging) until needed and then it will charge up the phone when switched on.
It also has a nice non-slip finish (the iPhone 4 is very slippery) and is easily removed and installed. The Mophie case covers all but the top of the iPhone, leaving holes for the camera lense and flash, volume controls and mute switch. In addition, there’s a Micro-USB port to charge up the Juice Pack on its own, or it charges the iPhone. This same port allows syncing with iTunes and/or the computer.

And, check out the power indicator, a button that shows in LED lights how much power is left in the case.

So, I give this product a two thumbs up. Check it out at