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Two finger tap

Here is a tip that is quick and easy for opening the context menu (some folks call this the right click menu). On a Mac laptop, you can set up the Track Pad to open the context menu simply by tapping two fingers at the same time. Here’s how.

Go to System Preferences (settings) and with Show All selected, tap the Trackpad icon.

Now select under Two Fingers select the Secondary Tap box. Thats it! Give it a shot. This is easier than selecting the command button and clicking the track pad. After setting this up, try in on the following links.
Cityscape Thumb by Mike Behnken

Cityscape by Mike Behnken

Add a MLB season schedule to your calendar

Want to add your favorite Major League Baseball team to your calendar on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch or even to iCal on your Mac? It’s easy!
I previously posted how to add a holiday calendar (follow this link). Following that post you can just copy and past the following link and you can see the years schedule! On a Mac, it’s even easier. Just click the link and it will download the file and launch iCal. Just follow and accept the prompts and there you go.
Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers
I will add more teams as time permits!

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