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Where am I?

How does my phone find me so fast?
Trilateration [trahy-lat-uh-rey-shuhn] , not triangulation. I had a basic understanding of how the iPhone does this, but I came across a great post on how and why.

With the recent flap over Apple and the conspiracy theory over data being sucked out of your phone, I found this article very informative on how the location aspect works. It gives a good overview of GPS (Global Positioning System) and AGPS(Assisted Global Positioning System) along with cell towers and WiFi.


Snoopy – View source code on iOS device

Snoopy is a bookmarklet by Mark Perkins, a freelance web developer living in Brighton, England. It is for viewing the source code on web pages. He built it for use on mobile browsers (such as Mobile Safari on the iPad) where you can’t view source or “look under the hood” as he says.

Snoopy screen shot
Snoopy has three tabs. Overview, View Source and View Generated Source.

Using the bookmarklet will give you an overlay featuring information that Snoopy can ‘sniff’ out of the page, such as the doctype, what JS libraries are used in the page, what analytics, what font embedding technique is used, etc. It also gives you the ability to view the raw and/or generated source of the page.

The Snoopy bookmarklet code in action (click to try!): Snoopy. Loads at the top of the page.

Jump on over to Mark’s site and grab it. Or, just press the Snoopy link above, view source and make a bookmarklet!

If you are offline (of course this works if you are online as well) and want a simple method to see the source code, add a bookmark using the following Javascript and name it what you want (maybe “View Code”).

Add bookmark

Then edit the bookmark and in the address field put in the following code:

Add bookmark

(Click this link and a blank page with just the code will appear. Easier to copy when you are doing this on a mobile device).
Save and you now have a simple way of viewing source code even if you are off line.

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