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iOS 4.3.1

Did you notice your battery charge level decreased quicker than normal when you updated your iOS device to 4.3? I sure did with my iPhone 4, but not at all with my iPad (first generation). I have seen many people mention this. So, today I updated the iPhone and yes, it appears to have made a difference.

(yesterday with iOS 4.3)

(today with iOS 4.3.1)

The images show the phone starting with a full charge and going 12 hours from am to pm. And, I actually used the phone more today than yesterday
If you have noticed anything that has changed or improved, please post it here.

LOL and Die

Those three simple letters can kill. And, have. Texting while driving is impaired driving. It is worse than falling down drunk while driving.

Death by texting
(I have personally seen this car. Click for close up. Large file.)

Anyone that knows me knows I am a technology nerd. But, there is a time and place. Period. As a father of two beautiful young ladies I have talked to them about texting and driving. Not just the fact that they must not do it, but to watch and make sure others are not doing it.

I have seen so many people texting while driving. I have had a person (my age) following in his BMW and I could see that he was texting. He had his phone on his steering wheel. The traffic in front of me had slowed and I could see there was a chance he would rear end me. Luckily there was a shoulder big enough without obstruction that I could move over. I glanced over as he went by and saw his face as he did a panic brake for the cars that had been in front of me. Lucky ending for him. This time.

Some don’t get so lucky. What is so important to sacrifice your life and possibly others? Certainly not texting. It makes my heart ache to see and hear about these tragic endings to someones life. Take a short time and watch these two short videos. Help me make others aware how dangerous texting is while driving. The life you save could be your loved ones. Please.

19 year old Heather Lerch’s car is the car at the top of this page. Her parents want you to know their story and ask your help in reducing the senseless deaths caused by texting.

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