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Force Quit App and/or Device

Like any system, sometimes iOS will slow down or an application will freeze. Following is what to do in those scenarios. Here is how to force quit applications and how to force reboot the iOS.

If you have an application freeze, you can try and force quit the application first. It that doesn’t work, or your device is completely frozen, you can force reboot your device instead.

If you have iOS 4 installed on your device, you should try using the “Task Switcher” first. Since multitasking is enabled on iOS 4, all you need to do to quit an app is open the “Task Switcher” by hitting the home button twice. You will see the screen dim the home screen apps and slide up exposing the “Task Switcher”. If you have a lot of apps open, you may need to swipe the “Task Switcher” to get to the app. This will show any app that is running (Important note here: don’t just hit the home key twice without first exiting the app you may be having trouble with. It may not show up in the “Task Switcher”). Now hold down on the app you want to quit until it starts jiggling. A red “-” will appear on the left upper corner of the app icon. If you press it, it will quit the app. The app icon will disappear. Don’t worry, you didn’t delete it, you just force quit the app. If your app quit before saving (if that is an option) your work may be lost.

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Sometimes that isn’t enough, or you may have a device with an earlier iOS (pre iOS 4) which means you have to reboot the device. There are two ways to do this. First, you can hold down the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears, and then slide it across (left to right). If that still isn’t enough, hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button until the red slider appears and continue holding them until the device shuts down. Wait ten seconds (if it hasn’t restarted) and press the Sleep/Wake button to restart your device.

Another note: with iOS 4.2, sometimes I have noticed (many others too) that I often have to reset the screen brightness, the battery percentage and selected ring tone after doing a manual reboot. I have filed a Bug with Apple on this. Hopefully this will be resolved with iOS 4.3. Just an FYI in case you notice this gets goofed up after rebooting.

Hope this helps you.

iPad / iPod Touch & iPhone .com Key

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Here is a tip few people seem to know. When typing a URL in Safari’s address bar you can save time by pressing the .com button (most know this part). But if you hold the .com button for a little longer than the tap, it opens up a larger selection! .jp, .org, .edu and more! give it a try.

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