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iPad Photos

Do you have a ton of photos and images in your Photos library? Sometimes while viewing it is a bit of a pain to tap the photo and get back to a different section. Well here is a little trick. Go to Photos and select a photo or image. Now, while viewing take two fingers and pinch the picture smaller. It will start to shrink and rotate into a smaller image. When you let go it will drop back into its original position.

With the photo full size, pinch it and you will see it shrink and rotate. Try it!

Lock Screen Notes for the iPhone/iPod Touch

Here is a very simple tip for jotting down short notes or lists and displaying them on the lock screen.
Sometimes I just want a short simple list that I can look at without unlocking the phone, such as a grocery list.

The first thing I do is open up Notes and make a list. I start on the second line as the first line would be obscured by the Clock and Date Display that appears when you press the power button. That gives you 12 lines to work with. Any line after that is going to be covered by the Screen Unlock area.

Remember, I said this was a simple way. When your list is complete, press the Power button and the Home button at the same time. Your screen will be captured and saved to the camera roll. Navigate to the Camera Roll and select the image, tap the lower left hand corner and a menu bar will slide up. Press the left lower corner again (which will have a box with a right arrow coming out of it). Now it gives you at least 7 options. Select the “Use as Wallpaper” button.

Select the “Set” button(no need to “Move or Scale”). You now have the options of; “Set Lock Screen / Set Home Screen / Set Both or Cancel”. Select “Set Lock Screen”.

Now you have a handy little list that you don’t have to unlock the phone to view it. Just press the “Home” or “Power” button to display your note or list!

P.S. If you sync your “Notes” you can add and/or modify it during the week. Maybe you want several different lists such as one for movies you want to watch this weekend or you don’t want to forget something you want at the hardware store etc. If your wife has her iPhone or iPad “Notes” synced to the same e-mail account, she can add to the lists too.
Type “My Grocery List” or something similar in the first line of the note and save it when you are done (press the Done button in the upper left corner). Now the notes can be added to from either and/or any device that is synced. Just remember that anyone can delete that note too (my movie list disappeared that way once).
Okay, here is how to sync the “Notes”.

Press the Settings icon on the Home Screen and then the Mail,Contacts, Calendars inside the Settings dialog.

Now select the account you want to sync the notes with. Inside the account setting turn on the Notes selection. Now your Notes will sync anytime you have a network connection!

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