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Apple Wireless Keyboard and the iPhone (or iPad)

I text a lot (not as much as my teenage daughters) and since I have an Apple Wireless Keyboard for my iPad, I thought I would give it a try since it is usually in the same area. *

One of the cool things about using a wireless keyboard with the iPhone is, you can use most of the shortcut keys you have gotten used to. Such as, select all / copy / paste / cut, etc. Very convenient since the keyboard is sitting around anyway.

You can use an Apple Wireless Keyboard with your iPhone 3GS or later model, just like you can with the iPad. You must pair the wireless keyboard with the iPhone through Bluetooth. Here is how to pair the wireless keyboard with the iPhone using bluetooth.

Connecting the wireless keyboard with the iPhone.
Tap the “Settings” icon on the iPhone and choose General > Bluetooth.
Tap the “Bluetooth” switch if it is OFF already.

Turn ON the Apple wireless keyboard by pressing the power button.
Select the keyboard entry under Devices on the iPhone.
A message box will pop up on the iPhone saying “Apple Wireless Keyboard” would like to pair with your iPhone. It displays a PIN code that you then type into the iPhone using the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

You will notice there is no keyboard showing on the iPhone. Also note that when you are now texting (using the Apple Wireless Keyboard) that the iPhone hides its keyboard.

Apple sells the external wireless keyboard (Bluetooth enabled) for $69. The Apple Wireless Keyboard uses two AA batteries and it automatically switches itself off when not in use. To save iPhone battery life, one may need to turn off Bluetooth on the iPhone when not in use(though I never do because of another device I use with it). The Apple Wireless Keyboard works with Mac computers and iPad.

Disconnecting the Apple Wireless Keyboard from the iPhone
On the iPhone tap the “Settings” icon and choose General > Bluetooth
At this point you can just turn off Bluetooth, or tap the keyboard entry under Devices and tap “Forget this Device”.

* Important note: If you are using the keyboard for multiple devices and you are within 30 feet of those devices at the same time, you have to turn off the Bluetooth or select “Forget this Device”. The problem with selecting the “Forget this Device” is that you must re-Pair the device next time you want to use it. The problem with turning off the Bluetooth is you have to navigate to the off and on function and if off, Bluetooth is un-available for other devices.

Veteran’s Day

I would like to thank all past and present Armed Forces men and women for serving and protecting our freedoms!

I am proud to be a citizen of the United States of America. I appreciate the freedoms we have. Even when I disagree with someone that is screaming their opinion at me that is different than mine. One of the great things about this country is that we are free to do just that.

Our brave men and women protect our rights, many of them with their lives. It takes many many people to operate our Armed Forces. From people that provide support to people that battle, I thank you very much for your service!

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