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Why can’t I delete my Gmail e-mail?

I have had people ask why they can’t delete their Gmail e-mail when they know they had been able to in the past. Instead, all you are allowed to do is archive the e-mail. Having experienced this myself, I can tell them just what to do. I have noticed that this most often happens after upgrading the iOS. This recently happened after I installed iOS 4.2 beta on my iPad. This can happen on your iPhone or iPod Touch too. Of course, sometimes it is caused by accidentally bumping of the setting switch.

So here are some screen shots to walk you through the settings so your e-mail can be deleted instead of being archived.

Notice that when the edit button is pressed, there is only an Archive or Move button at the bottom.

Notice if an e-mail is selected, instead of a trash can icon on the top right there is only a archive box.

To correct this concern, select the “Settings Icon” from the Spring Board. Once the Settings appear, select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and then select your “Gmail” account. At this point you will see a dialog box open with your different options. You will see an option of “Archive Messages”. Switch this off.

As you can see, on a selected e-mail, there is now a trash can on the top bar (or you can swipe and select delete).

Also, if you have selected edit for doing multiple e-mails at once, there is now a “Delete” or “Move” button.

Now that wasn’t hard was it?

iPhone multi-tasking

I often get asked, ” how do I do …..” . I love to help people with those kinds of things. Recently I was talking to someone and they asked me something on a camera and I told them to send me a picture of it while we were talking. Silence on the other end. The person had never done that and didn’t know they could.

The great thing about the iPhone is the ability to do multiple things at the same time. I walked the person through the steps and they were amazed they could do that. There are so many handy things you can do while you are holding a conversation, such as looking up the local pizza place or a movie time at the local theater. And, so much more.

Below I have posted some screen shots on how to send a picture via MMS while on the phone. Practice this and you will be able to do just about anything else that is similar.

While on a call, press the home button (or for iOS 4 double press to bring up the running apps) and the home screen will appear. While you are in an app or at the home screen, you will see the the status bar will have turned green and a message below it displays a message of “Touch to return to call”. At any time during the call you can press/tap the green status bar and the keypad will re-appear.

In this example I will select Messages. I then press the camera icon.

This brings up the dialog box that gives you three options of “Take Photo or Video”, “Choose Existing” or “Cancel”. I have selected the “Choose Existing” since I already have a picture. I select the Camera Roll for this example and scroll to the preferred photo.

Once you have selected the photo or video you want, you get another prompt to “Cancel” or “Choose”. Upon pressing the Choose button you are returned to the MMS (messaging) screen and at this point you can type in a message to go along with the photo or video. Now all you have to do is type in the number or contact you want it to go to (see the To: area above the photo. Pressing the + button will bring up your contacts) and press send.

This is a big time saver in so many ways. With a tiny bit of practice you can send pictures, messages, look up contacts and so much more all while carrying on a conversation!

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