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iPad 3.2.1 Update

I loaded the update for the iPad today (3.2.1) and have noticed two improvements immediately.

The first one is something that has been a minor annoyance since I got my iPad. That is, the WiFi connection would randomly drop. No apparent reason. Just sitting in one place and, doink, connection gone. Dang. Well, that seems to be corrected.

The second improvement is with the downloading of an attachment in e-mail. For some reason, it has always delayed the downloading of the attachment when you tap the icon. Well, that problem is gone too!

I have read what was improved in the release, but these two changes are great!

Holiday Calendar on iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

Want to add all the holidays to your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch ? There is an easy way. No fussing with syncing to your different computers or calendars.

Apple provides a great feature in its iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch Calendar App that lets you subscribe to any Calendar you can access over the internet. Apple also provides its own Internet Calendars (ics files) and there are all types of Calendars available.
You can subscribe to one containing all of the U.S. holidays each year.

Here is how you can add any of Apple’s calendars (this example uses the U.S. holidays calendar) to your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch:

Tap the Settings icon
Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
Scroll down and tap Add Account…
Tap Other
Tap Add Subscribed Calendar
In the server field, type the following:
Tap Next (not the one on the keyboard. For some reason this doesn’t work on some devices)
On the next screen, change the name of the calendar under “Description”
(if you want something different than the default description).
You don’t need to put in a user name or password for the calendars that Apple supplies
Tap Save

You are finished!

You will now find each and every U.S. holiday within the Calendar app, and they will appear just like any other appointment.

This procedure can also be used to add any other public Internet Calendar to your Calendar App.

You can find a list of Apple’s various Calendars (ics files) here.

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