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iOS 4 vs. 3.1.3

Just a quick note on installing iOS 4 on a 3G iPhone. Having installed iOS 4 on multiple 3GS phones with zero problems, I would consider waiting on installing it on a 3G if speed is an issue for you. I will tell you it definitely slows down the device (the several I have been involved with). You still get a ton of new features, so consider that as well before you decide not to. And, certain features are not available for the 3G (like multi-task feature).

I have also noticed my battery life has gotten better (yes, better) with the latest build. Beta 2 was the worst for some reason. It would suck the battery dead within a couple of hours. Glad that problem is fixed!

All in all, I really enjoy the new features.

Any and all comments on your findings would be appreciated.

Find My iPhone

Apple released ‘Find My iPhone’ today. I like this for multiple reasons. One of the things that disappointed me about MobileMe ( was I could only have one device at a time. Well, now I can have more than one device associated with my account. You have to have OS 3.1.3 or newer.

It has all the features that are available with MobileMe but now you can have your iPhone, iPad and your iPod Touch on one account. Kids dropped the iPod Touch behind the couch? Just send a sound to it. Who has my iPad? Bring it back! Leave your iPhone 5 in a bar? Send a message to it or wipe it. Or less drastic, lock it. All you need to do is install it on each device and log in. Now you check your devices from the other devices or online. Check it out on iTunes

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