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2011 6.7 Liter Power Stroke Diesel


2011 Ford 6.7 Liter Power Stroke Diesel
This is neat! I have had the luck of seeing this vehicle (2 different models) twice within a weeks time. Amazing. Rides very nice, extremely strong pull, very quiet, great mileage and super low emissions. This truck has so many awesome features. I have included two short video clips of how quiet this engine is. One sampling is from the rear (cars driving by on the road made more noise) and one short clip at the engine compartment with the hood open.
Sample 1

Sample 2

This is truly an amazing vehicle. Will tow 24,400 lbs. I like it!

Lot’s of information on the Super Duty site.
Video on Twitter for those of you that don’t want to go to YouTube.
Sample 1

Sample 2

Drop in Code

I have been working on updating two of my Apps (Bickford Motorsports & Dial + More) and building another (can’t say yet). I wanted something for my about/help pages that was more than just a static display. I found it!

I follow Dr. Touch’s blog every day because it provides great insight and help for any skill level a person might be at. He has been a fantastic help and inspiration (plus he is a really cool guy). He has a Parts Store section that has modules of code that you can pretty much drop into your code and then adjust for what you are working on. One of his modules of code is an About controller. This is so much more than what I envisioned. It is very easy to modify for your needs and can easily be changed and/or expanded.

Here is a basic description of the DTAboutViewController


This part simplifies dropping a standardized set of components you need to have a strong “About” section of your app. You configure the things you like in a plist and add the view controller to your app. There is even an in-app-support section with FAQs and a scrollview with icons of all your apps, showing which apps are already installed.


– Configure the layout completely in a localizable plist.
– Just create an DTAboutViewController and pass the PList.
– Add full size logos or images.
– “Follow Us on Twitter” button opens the user’s twitter client for direct following.
– “Review on iTunes” directly opens the review page on the mobile app store.
– Open local or remote HTML documents staying in your app. If there is a waiting time a big activity indicator is shown.
– Open InApp-Email for support or feature requests.
– App Scroller – PList with info about your apps is displayed and paginated. Installed apps are detected and can be displayed with additional badge. PList updateable via server.
– FAQ Table – display a localizable list of frequently asked questions. Each question can have a long answer including hyperlinks and phone numbers which is displayed on an extra view.
– Your custom views can be used for your own row types.
– Custom actions can be attached to buttons.

This is a neat way to add function and pizazz to your App. You can see a video and complete details at Dr. Touch’s website at

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