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2014 NAIAS

North American International Auto Show

I had the pleasure of going to the Press Week event at the North American International Auto Show 2014. This is an event where the global automotive community (and any press just interested in the impact of all things automotive) come together to learn the latest news and current events.
People from around the world come to the industry’s most substantive annual event. We also experienced the most anticipated new vehicle introductions. We joined the industry’s top leaders, thinkers and enthusiast to see what was new!

And what we saw did not disappoint us. As many of you know I am a Ford fan. The all new Ford F-150 with it’s all aluminum body and the amazing new Mustang alone made the trip worth while.

Ford had a separate section they put together for media and bloggers and they really went all out. We had visits from Allen Mullaly and many others from the industry including race car drivers.

It was an amazing time. I met and talked with many Ford leaders as well as some very famous and very personable race drivers! I met John Force who happens to be very funny(no pun intended) and is the world record holder in Funny Car drag racing, Greg Foutz (Off Road) who recently drove an (disguised as a 2014) all aluminum bodied F-150 with the new 2.7 EcoBoost in the Baja 1000 (check out the video here )and then drove from California to Dearborn! I had the pleasure of meeting Hall of Fame NASCAR driver Ned Jarrett and his son Dale. I also met Vaughn Gittin Jr. (Formula Drift) and his lovely girlfriend along with Brian Deegan (he rides and drives anything with wheels!). There we others as well, but we ran out of time before the showing of clips from the upcoming movie Need for Speed.

Ford was an incredible host as well and they really know how to take care of their guests. I thank Cole Quinnell and Scott Monty from Ford for there personal attention to us and making sure we had a great time. We not only went to the auto show, but to introduction events, breakout sessions and drives. We also got a surprise and toured the Rouge Truck plant as well. After that we met the designer of the new 2015 Mustang Kemal Curic and the team that designed and guided the all new 2015 Mustang.

And of course, none of this wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t been invited by my friend Frank Bisono! What a trip!

MyFord Touch Wallpaper

Default Wallpaper

Personalized Wallpaper

When people ride with me and they see my wallpaper image on the MyFord Touch screen, they always ask “How’d you do that?”. It’s easy.
I have put some images in a folder here and I have included a Photoshop file as well so you can make your own from your images. If you don’t have Photoshop, never fear, I’ll show you another way.

First, you take an image you like. Keep in mind a couple of things. Such as, what will it look like when it is positioned on the screen and what things might cover it. The image has to be 800 x 384 pixels. Yes, that is a weird size. It has to be under 1.5 MB in size. The file format has to be .jpg , .png or .bmp.

So, now that you have a picture, load it onto a USB drive or an SD Card and insert it into the Media Hub (found in the console and it looks like the following image).

If you use the SD Card slot to add the image, remove and DO NOT lose the Navigation SD Card if your MyFord Touch has Sync with Navigation.

Now press the settings icon (bottom center right icon that looks like a set of gears) and the settings screen will pop up. Now press the Display button (circled in red).

The next step is to add the image or images you like to the Wallpaper library. Press the Add button and you can then add the images (if they are correct in both size and shape). Once the image is in the library you can select the one you want.

On the image above you will see I selected the Disneyworld image and it displays in a scaled screen so you can see what it will look like. Now all you have to do is select Save. Done!

I will say a bit about making your own images now. If you have Photoshop I have included a .psd file. If you don’t, don’t worry, here are a couple of ways to make the Wallpaper images. You can use an online photo editor and just makes sure you make the size needed (both ratio and MB). You can also use something like Paint to make an image. Start by making a blank image 800 x 384 and saving it with a name you want. Now paste an image on top of this and size/move to the position you want. Save it and move it to the USB drive or SD Card so you follow the instructions above!

Have fun!

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