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What? Hearing Protection

Howard Leight IMPACT PRO Electronic Shooting Earmuffs

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I recently bought a new set of ear muffs to protect what hearing I have left. I have an old set that the ear cushions were shot (no pun intended) and with the newer type of earmuffs, they allow you to hear the normal surrounding sounds while still protecting your ears. It was time to upgrade.

I did a lot of research first. I planned on using these for more than just shooting. In the past I also wore my earmuffs while cutting wood with the skil saw or while blowing leaves. My little air compressor and my wet vac are so noisy I have to wear some type of ear protection as well.

I started by talking to some folks that do a lot of shooting. I read the reviews on all of them. The things I considered were, protection, fit and cost. There is a huge spectrum of cost. After reading all the reviews and considering what everyone had to say, I narrowed it down to two models. The 3M Peltor Tactical 6S Active Volume Hearing Protector and the Howard Leight by Honeywell R-01902 Impact Pro Electronic Shooting Earmuffs.

I like the idea that I could still hear the normal conversations and noises while wearing the ear muffs. At the range I would always seem to pull up one cushion to hear what someone was saying and then “BOOM” ! So much for protecting my ears. With these newer style ear muffs you flip them on and you can hold a normal conversation and within 5 milliseconds of a loud sound, the loud and hazardous impulse sounds are attenuated and the earmuffs protect your hearing!

I ended up going with the Howard Leight Impact Pro ear muffs because they had great reviews and the fact that they also had an input jack for electronic devices like your phone or mp3 player etc. I thought that this might be nice while mowing the yard or while on an airplane.

I purchased mine online from and I am not disappointed. They work great. They are easy to adjust fit and they pick up local noise very well (of course when switched on). And, even though I didn’t read this anywhere, when you play your music or videos (iPhones/iPods, mobile devices, laptops etc.) you can still hear background/surrounding noise! If you have something plugged into the earmuffs and you turn them on, you can listen to the device. But with it just turned on and without the volume up, the earmuffs cut out the outside noise while letting you hear the device! Now, turn up the earmuff’s volume and you can hear the outside noise as well! This would work great on an airplane! Pretty cool.

My first test was at the indoor range Norpoint Shooting and Tactical Training Center in Arlington(great people!). I wore these for two straight hours and they were awesome! They were comfortable and they worked with even the biggest guns. I highly recommend them!

Here are a few features below. You can also check it out at

Impact Pro electronic earmuff shooting protection
Features 30 extreme noise reduction rating
Blocks/reduces sounds over 82 decibels
Rugged earcup design with durable rubberized pressure points
Four hour auto shut-off extends battery life
Amplifies low-level noise and conversation up to 4x times louder
Dual microphones with wind shield
Only uses two AAA batteries with average 350 hours + of life
Single on/off volume control switch
4 hour automatic shut off
Electrical audio input jack for cell phones, mp3 players and radio scanners
Adjustable fit headband and patented air flow control

Can You Hear Me Now Too?

A while back I posted a situation I had with my iPhone 4 when using the speakerphone function. I had discovered I was talking to the wrong part of the phone! If you have an iPhone 4/4s, read this.
Well, when I got my iPhone 5 I understood it has 3 microphones! So, where is the best spot to direct the voice when using the speakerphone function?

It turns out that just about anywhere seems to work well. Front, top or back. Take a look at the circles in the above picture. The main mic is on the bottom and it is used with most functions (the iPhone 4/iPhone 4s used the small one at the top next to the headphone jack when using the speakerphone function). There is also a mic on the back of the iPhone between the flash and the camera and it helps with recordings of video. There is also a mic under the earpiece screen used for noise cancellation. So, I gave it a real world test by calling others and just asking them, what sentence sounded clearer? And all of them replied that the clearest was the sentence when I directed my voice towards the bottom. And, unlike the iPhone 4, they all claimed that any of the locations that I talked towards, were easily understood.

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