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iOS Device Browser Tip

Yesterday I was showing someone one of our latest GT projects that I have posted on on my iPhone and they were amazed when I pressed and held the link so I could open it in a new page. Often when browsing a site, you don’t want too get to far away from it when you follow a link. If the link isn’t set up to automatically to launch a new tab, you can just press and hold your finger on the link and it will give you an option for a new tab(iPad) or page (iPhone/iPod Touch). This is the same as right clicking your mouse on a computer.

Try it on this image and you will see since it is a link to a larger picture, you have the option to save it as well, or, open it in a new tab. Give it a try.

What can your headset do?

I like to use my iPhone for more than just a phone. So, I use the headset a lot. * The headset I like is slightly different than the one pictured here. Mine has the earbuds that fit inside the ear canal. The other earbuds hurt my ears or fall out. If I am riding my bike and it is drizzling (does that just a wee bit in the Seattle area) I will stow the iPhone and use my iPod Nano.

So, here are a couple minor tips that surprisingly many people don’t know about the headset.
– If you squeeze the center button you can answer calls or end calls.
– Or, if you want to control music and video playback — including play/pause and next/previous — press the center button.
– Adjust the volume by pressing the + and – buttons (most people know this).
-Take a picture or record a video in Camera mode by pressing the + button.
– Record voice memos on supported devices.

Know of more? Send them to me and I will post it!

* The Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic take the acclaimed Apple iPod Earphones and add a control capsule, located on the cable of the right earpiece, that includes a microphone and three buttons.

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