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Alert Me!

When making an appointment in Calendar on my iPhone or iPad, I really like being able to make more than one alert. What happened? I can only make one alert now!

Well, actually you can make more than one. Here’s how! You must first have an appointment saved before you can set another alert. Weird, I know. Follow along.

Step 1
Tap the “Calendar” icon to launch the app.
(if you don’t already have an event to edit, press and hold the point (time) you want to make an appointment or tap the plus sign in the upper right corner and make an appointment)

Step 2
Tap the appointment you want to edit.

Step 3
Tap the “Edit” button to open the event in Edit mode.

Step 4
Tap the “Alert” button to open the Event Alert form and select “15 minutes before”.

Step 5
Set the day and time for the first alert(if you haven’t already”, and then tap “Done” to save the alert. Tap “Done” again to save the event.

Step 6
Tap the event, and then tap “Edit” to re-open the event in Edit mode. When you re-open the event, the Second Alert button is now visible (on some calendars such as Exchange I have been told you would have to have iCloud set as the default calendar to take advantage of this).

Step 7
Tap “Second Alert” to set the second reminder.

Step 8
Set the time for the second alert, and then tap “Done.” Two reminders are configured for the event.

Scroll Down the Page!

I often read blogs that can be pages long. The most recent comment is often at the very bottom of the page. On a Mac or PC, it’s easy to scoll up or down a page using various methods. It is a little more work on a mobile device such as a tablet or phone. While jumping to the top is easy enough (just tap the top center of the screen), there is no built in feature to jump to the bottom of a page.

Well, with a little JavaScript saved as an bookmark it is easy.
Bring up a page, any page, and then bookmark it saving the bookmark name as “Scroll Down”. Now, go back and edit it. Make sure you saved the name as Scroll Down and then put the following JavaScript in the address.
Go ahead and save the changes. Now, when you want to scroll to the bottom of the page, just select the Scroll Down book mark and the page will quickly scroll to the bottom!
Waaa laa! Easy!

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