Alert Me!

When making an appointment in Calendar on my iPhone or iPad, I really like being able to make more than one alert. What happened? I can only make one alert now!

Well, actually you can make more than one. Here’s how! You must first have an appointment saved before you can set another alert. Weird, I know. Follow along.

Step 1
Tap the “Calendar” icon to launch the app.
(if you don’t already have an event to edit, press and hold the point (time) you want to make an appointment or tap the plus sign in the upper right corner and make an appointment)

Step 2
Tap the appointment you want to edit.

Step 3
Tap the “Edit” button to open the event in Edit mode.

Step 4
Tap the “Alert” button to open the Event Alert form and select “15 minutes before”.

Step 5
Set the day and time for the first alert(if you haven’t already”, and then tap “Done” to save the alert. Tap “Done” again to save the event.

Step 6
Tap the event, and then tap “Edit” to re-open the event in Edit mode. When you re-open the event, the Second Alert button is now visible (on some calendars such as Exchange I have been told you would have to have iCloud set as the default calendar to take advantage of this).

Step 7
Tap “Second Alert” to set the second reminder.

Step 8
Set the time for the second alert, and then tap “Done.” Two reminders are configured for the event.

September 11th

On September 11th, we will again remember the events of 9-11. Firefighters remember 343 members of the Fire Service family died on that day. Here are some other less talked about numbers:

The initial numbers are indelible: 8:46 a.m. and 9:02 a.m.
Time the burning towers stood: 56 minutes and 102 minutes.
Time they took to fall: 12 seconds.

Total number killed in attacks (official figure as of 9/5/02): 2,819
Number of firefighters and paramedics killed: 343
Number of NYPD officers: 23
Number of Port Authority police officers: 37
Number of people who lost a spouse or partner in the attacks: 1,609
Estimated number of children who lost a parent: 3,051
Days fires continued to burn after the attack: 99
Estimated number of New Yorkers suffering from post-traumatic-stress disorder as a result of 9/11: 422,000

This year let’s make a point to remember all the lives lost SINCE 9-11, remember ALL the lives lost while bringing those responsible to justice.

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