Line Lock & Launch Control (aka:Tire Slayer)

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After just over a year and 14,000 miles, it was time for some new tires on the Pony. The car came with Pirelli P Zero tires which I liked as long as it was hot out or the tires were hot. In the PNW that isn’t very often for a daily driver. I recently put some Michelin PILOT SPORT A/S 3+ tires on a 2015 Mustang GT LE 50 Year that we had installed a Whipple Super Charger sporting 725 horsepower. I really liked the way they hook up even in the rain. So far I have not been disappointed! They have great traction wet or dry even when they are cold. They are less noisy even though a lot of the reviews claimed they were loud.

So, here is a mini tutorial on using Line Lock and Launch Control on the newer Mustangs that have the Performance Package. I have had people ask how to use this feature so I decided to slay the old tires in the process of making these videos. *

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Here is a short video on selecting the Line Lock through the Track Apps.
A couple of things to note on the Line Lock that I have noticed and other people have mentioned. The first is when initializing the Line Lock it will sometimes fail and a message pops up and says to refer to the Owners Manual. I have found that it is usually from not pressing the brake pedal firmly enough. The second is you don’t have to wait the full 15 seconds before releasing the Line Lock. Just press the “OK” button and it will release.

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Here is a short video on selecting the Launch Control through the Track Apps.
Something to note on the Launch Control is after setting it up, if you rev the engine without flooring it (quickly depressing the throttle) it will rev past the limit set. The programming is expecting a quick full throttle actuation.

* The main video was made using a DJI Mavic Pro, a GoPro Hero 4 and a GoPro Hero 5. I used Final Cut Pro to combine the footage. The in car videos were filmed using my iPhone 7 Plus.

Sprint Boats

For those that know me, you know I like high performance (add appropriate word/s)! Several years ago I was talking to the manager of our Trailer Department (we sell and service all kinds of car/horse/dump etc. trailers) and he mentioned that Dan Morrison bought a trailer from us for his sprint boat. I asked what a sprint boat was? He said search YouTube.

Well let me just say, INSANE! I have been going to their Extreme Sports Park in Port Angeles ever since. On my last visit, Dan and his crew let me put my GoPro cameras on two of their team’s boats. WOW! Take a look.

Not only are these boats insanely powerful, they are running in 3 feet of water. The unlimited class boats are running about 900+ horsepower and the jet drive spits out around 3,700 gallons of water per minute!

If you want to learn more or go see the races in person (next race is September 10th) check out Wicked Racing & Extreme Sports Park!

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